Wanted: Antibiotics!

Antibiotica Gezocht! (Wanted: Antibiotics!) is the winner of the Academic Year Prize 2011.

About Antibiotica Gezocht! (English summary)

Team Antibiotica Gezocht! (Wanted: Antibiotics!) is the winner of the Academic Year Prize 2011.

Antibiotica Gezocht!

Antibiotica Gezocht! is an initiative of staff and students of Leiden University and Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. We do research on antibiotics and the bacteria that produce these and other medically relevant drugs. For the Academic Year Prize 2011, we devised a plan to translate our research to a broad audience. By introducing our search for new antibiotics to as many people as possible, we hope that everybody will get to know the amazing world of microbiology, which is in and around us.

We seek to involve the public in the discussion about antibiotic resistance and will introduce streptomycetes, the soil-bound microorganisms that produce the majority of the known antibiotics. We will show how easy it is to isolate a wide range of antibiotics and also provide insight into why it still so difficult to find the antibiotics that will allow us to treat the life-threatening multi-resistant hospital bacteria in the future. The Academic Year Prize will allow us to produce exciting practicals and teaching materials for secondary schools, as well as a temporary exhibition at the Boerhaave Museum in Leiden and a permanent exhibition in the new museum of Microbiology in Amsterdam, Micropia.

Academic Year Prize

The Academic Year Prize is awarded to the best translation of scientific research to a broad audience. Since 2005, the prize is awarded annually. The team with the most creative communication plan receives the first prize of 100,000 Euros to carry out the proposed ideas. Besides the jury prize, there is also an Audience Prize. The team that wins this prize will receive attention in a television broadcast of Labyrint (Dutch television program on science).